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  • Sustainable Pet: How to Make Your Dog More “Green”

    Fri Jun 17 10:34:23 EDT 2011 by: Northwest Animal Hospital Tag: "News" 

    Let’s face it: Dogs have big carbon pawprints, as we all do. Because they are largely carnivorous, their toll on the environment is nearly as large as a human’s. There are ways to create a more environmentally sustainable pooch.

    What is a carbon (read more)
  • How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth: Video Instructions

    Fri Jun 17 10:30:54 EDT 2011 by: Northwest Animal Hospital Tag:

    Your dog's dental health is an integral part of his overall health. Dental disease, if left unchecked, can have serious consequences all over your pet's body, involving his heart, blood, and internal organs. Bacteria originating in the mouth can be carried (read more)